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Established in 2018, MFT is a full-service order fulfillment company; we are dedicated to providing our customers the best drop shipping and order fulfillment experience possible, enabling them to reach new markets, grow their business, all the while reducing their overhead. With dedicated and trained staff at all levels we make sure that you have a reliable and standardized experience. With a vision to enable fulfillment services globally and build a strong footprint in the African continent we have been adding warehouses, fleet and technology based solutions for our clients.
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We rely on a stable, continuously improving platform to manage all orders; its state-of-the-art control panel allows customers complete control over their inventory and SKUs, and enables a high degree of accuracy.

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At every step of the order fulfillment process, we employ fully qualified and professionally-trained staff. They are trained to know everything they need to about each of our customers’ business, ensuring accuracy and error-free order fulfillment, every time.

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Our reputation is built on honesty, trust and unswerving dedication to excellence. We are committed to your success, as it guarantees ours, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of performance.

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Our infrastructure to enable a reliable & scalable association along with a very competitive pricing builds our base of relationship with our customers. From warehouses to fleet of vehicles to the necessary equipments to handling order fulfillment, we believe in focusing on each.

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